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Super Six is an independent online casino platform dedicated to online gamers offering different forms of casino games. We have built our platform based on the feedback gained from online casino gaming consumers, and our goal is to cater to provide an exciting gaming experience to anyone interested in online casino games. Our online casino games are best at balancing the fun of gambling and the need to stay limited within your boundaries while you play. We are dedicated to providing the best online gambling experience and are committed to devising a safe and secure environment unparalleled in the industry.

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Here’s something that you’ll be happy to hear; Super Six gambling space is very easy and entertaining and offers entertainment superior to that of playing at an offline or land-based casino. Super Six offers the best online gambling entertainment for adults interested in casino games regardless of the location. Here you can find exclusive slot games to a whole new range of online Casino games. Super Six is regulated under the anti-gambling laws as per the online casino gaming enactments.

Here is how you get to gamble!

  • Endless players can register on the platform and play anytime.
  • A minimum of Rs. 10 is required which can go up to Rs. 10,000 as an investment amount per game.
  • To play you have to register by generating a ticket-holding a ten-digit number.
  • Super Six will announce winners using a six-digit code.
  • You will be declared a winner only after matching your ticket number.
  • A player holding 1st place will receive four times the invested amount.
  • A player holding 2nd place will receive three times the invested amount.
  • A player holding 3rd place will receive two times the invested amount.

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